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Our Curriculum

Research has shown that the first few years of life are critical for a child's cognitive development and learning. In terms of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being, a child's environment up to age six is the key to subsequent growth, development, and ultimate productivity.

Kids 'R' Kids Apopka is dedicated to the total development of each child. That's why we offer the highest quality childcare in the best possible learning environment. Our goal is to provide the foundation for each child to achieve the skills needed before continuing their education. Because very young children have limited ability to communicate, it takes a skilled adult who knows the child well to recognize different wants and needs. Such attention helps your child develop self-confidence and self-worth.

At Kids 'R' Kids, we use methods that fit your child's growth pattern, not only in the cognitive area but also in the sensorial, perceptual, and motor areas. We offer learning experiences that will provide your child with a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Our curriculum focuses on the concept that children learn best through play. It is important for children to have opportunities to construct their own knowledge through creativity, interaction, exploration, and imitation of role models. Our age appropriate classrooms are arranged into learning centers where the children can participate in experiences designed for enrichment and review of current learning, as well as the reinforcement of current skills being taught.

According to the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of the Young Child), a child has five core components of development: socioemotional, language, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic. At Kids 'R' Kids, our uniquely designed learning centers, combined with our theme-based and age appropriate curriculum, master those core components needed for your child's development.

We know that your child is unique. That's why we work so hard to ensure that the learning experiences your child has at Kids 'R' Kids will contribute to their success in school and in their future.